How are volcanoes formed?  What rocks come from volcanoes?  What do volcanoes leave behind?  How does lava flow?

There are many questions about volcanoes and we don't have many volcanoes in Australia, but they have an impact on the landscape today.  Most people know little about volcanoes but a visit to the Penshurst Volcanoes Discovery Centre has people leaving with a lot more knowledge.

The Volcanoes Discovery Centre is located in the middle of the third largest volcanic plain on earth. It has displays of all types of volcanoes, and specific information on volcanic activity in Western Victoria.  Through videos and posters the wonder of volcanoes is on show for everyone.  The Centre interests tourists as well as students.  Many schools make a special trip to Penshurst to learn about geology.

A visit to Penshurst should also include a climb of Mount Rouse, our very own dormant volcano.

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